Multi-wafer ALD
Company Profile

System Introduction

KMT-400 IV Atomic Layer Deposition System is specially developed for industrial large-scale production with four chambers. Equipped with standard deposition process configuration, the system satisfies the demand of industry application.


Product benefit

Advanced software controlling system: many functions are integrated in the system, including technological formulation, parameter setting, popedom stetting, inter locking alarming ad state supervisory control.


Technical specifications

Wafer Dimension

8 inch and below

Wafer temperature

RT-500,Controlling precision ±0.1

Number of precursor

Two precursor lines,optional more lines

Temperature of precursor lines

RT-200,Controlling precision ±0.1

ALD Valve

Swagelok ALD swift valve

Background vacuum


Gas carrier system

N2 or Ar

Growing mode

Consecutive or interval deposition mode

Controlling system

PLC plus touch screen or display

Power supply

50-60Hz,220V/20A AC

Depositon Heterogeneity

Inside ship±1%,between chip ±1.5%

Thoughput capacity

4 chambers,400 wafers per chamber

Process time

5 s/cycle

Dimension of the instrument



ALD Films

Elementary substance: Co, Cu, Ta, Ti, W, Ge, Pt, Ru, Ni, Fe

Nitride: TiN, SiN, AlN, TaN, ZrN, HfN, WN

Oxide: TiO2, HfO2, SiO2, ZnO, ZrO2, Al2O3, La2O3, SnO2

Others: GaAs, AlP, InP, GaP, InAs, LaHfxOy, SrTiO3,SrTaO6

Application fields of ALD

High-k gate oxides

Storage capacitor dielectrics

High aspect ratio diffusion barriers for Cu interconnects

Pinhole-free passivation layers for OLEDs and polymers

Highly conformal coatings for MEMS applications

Coating of nanoporous structures

Doping of special fiber

Solar battery

Flat plate display

Optical thin-film

Nano film of other special structure